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how to Get a Girl 5 Psychology Tricks

hi there i am Bohemia Khan from
we are going to learn 5 psychology tricks for getting girls now let’s begin number 1

1: The Favor effect | Psychology Tips/Tricks

Asking Someone For A Favor Is A Normal Thing That People Do All The Time If You’re Moving To A New House You Might Get Your Friends To Help You Transport All Your Stuff Or If You’re Too Exhausted From A Party You Might Ask A Trusted Friend For A Ride Home But Asking Someone For A Favor Has A Subtle Psychological Effect On That Person Essentially It Tricks Them Into Liking You Their Brain Says This If I Like Someone I Do Nice Things For Them So If I’m Doing Something Nice For Someone I Must Like Them Thus If You Want A Girl To Like You Ask Her For A Small Favor Something Innocuous It’s Subtle And Yet Very Powerful

2: Make Her Laugh | Psychology Tricks/Tips

Laughing Is One of My Favorite Things About Humanity We Laugh Because We Feel a Very Complex Flavor of Emotion and That’s What Separates Us From Other Species Laughing Is a Sign of Consciousness and a Sign of Life and to Be Honest I Don’t Think Life Would Be Very Interesting if People Did Not Have Laughter but We Do and That Means One Very Important Thing for Today’s Topic You Can Use Laughter to Get Girls Here’s a Simple Fact Women Care a Lot Less About Looks Than Men Do Instead They Care About Things Like Social Status but Another Big Part of What Women Look for Is Whether a Guy Is Funny or Not Funny Guys Are Magnetic and Charming and Interesting So if You Can Make Her Laugh She Will Probably End Up Liking You

3:  Attention Cycles | Psychology Tricks/Tips

Everyone Likes Attention Some People Dream About Singing in Front of a Big Crowd of People Others Dream About Playing Basketball in the Nba and Being Cheered on Loudly by the Audience but One Thing Stays the Same Across All of These Dreams They Involve Getting a Lot of Attention and Demonstrate Exactly Why It’s the Most Sought-after Thing in the Entire World Thus When It Comes to Getting Girls You Can Actually Use This to Your Advantage and It’s Actually Pretty Easy All You Have to Do Is This Give Someone a Lot of Your Attention for a Short Period of Time and Then Take It Away Completely This Person Will Get Used to Your Positive Presence but Will Only Appreciate It When They Don’t Have It Anymore You Can Do This Multiple Times for Greater Effect and That’s Why I Call Them Attention Cycles

4: be a source of positivity | Psychology tips / Tricks

The World Is Too Often Negative Nowadays the News We Watch and the Things We Read Are Designed to Be Negative So That You Stay Addicted and Media Companies Stay Profitable and This Really Affects People in Bad Ways Depression Is Becoming a Bigger Problem Every Single Day International Conflicts Seem to Be Increasing and It Seems Like the World Is Just Going Downhill but You Can Be Different You Can Be a Source of Constant Positivity and a Source of Good This Will Have Two Main Effects First It’s Going to Be Great for the World Because Positivity Is How You Beat Negativity and Second People Are Going to Be Drawn to You Especially Girls Because Positivity Can Be So Hard to Find if Everything’s Negative Being a Positive Person Makes You Rare and Therefore Way More Attractive

5: let her fix you | Psychology Tips & Tricks

we often think of guys as fixers guys like to work on cars and other electronic projects more often than girls typically do this doesn’t have to be true and lots of girls do like these kinds of projects but on average guys do them more girls on the other hand focus more on people instead of things and this can be used to your advantage see when a girl goes into a relationship she wants to fix someone to make someone better to improve them girls want people to say why that guy is way more cool when he’s with that girl thus if you can brand yourself as someone who needs to be fixed in some slight way girls will like you more this is often accomplished by branding yourself as a bad boy but there are many ways to do it
I highly recommend practicing empathy in a strategic way because it can help you with getting girls have you ever felt like you don’t know what to do in a situation with a girl and lots of crazy ideas are running through your head but you don’t know which one is gonna work and which one is gonna sound weird creepy or awkward well the solution is simple just ask yourself how you would respond if a girl did that to you this is known as strategic empathy and it can help you make quick decisions so you don’t look confused nervous.


here is a short summary of the previous seven tricks to help refresh your memory
1 ask for a small favor
2 to make her laugh
3 utilize attention cycles
4 be a source of positivity
5 let her fix you 

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