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chief content officer: One Year insights

chief content officer

has it been a whole 12 months already? properly, now not honestly. as i write this it’s nonetheless november and as you’re studying this, it’s the 0.33 week in december. a lot can appear in that time. however, assuming this ball of rock we live on efficiently completes its ordinary circuit of the sun once more with out foremost incident, it appears as suitable a time as any to reflect on how an awful lot has modified over the previous one year.

Leader Content Officer

one among the biggest changes for leader content officer magazine came about at the start of 2018. after seven years and 36 troubles, clare mcdermott handed the editor’s pink pen over to me in an emotional ritual concerning arcane incantations, a branding iron, and a pledge to all the time cast out the oxford comma. (stares hard on the blog editor. get out of that!) (blog editor’s reaction: sorry, we use that comma right here. we will’t have enough money any consequences due to lacking commas.)
while i waited for the burning ache from the ritual to subside so i ought to sit down once more, clare’s final problem in february set a high bar for me to follow.

Locating the right Phrases (february 2018)

the subject of content effectiveness – in no way mind what number of human beings clicked at the content however is it any good – popped up various times throughout 2018. fergal mcgovern kicked things off in february with an editorial at the ux of words.
i’m a phrase nerd, grammar pedant, and readability zealot in the identical manner a vehicle mechanic is a pedant approximately the right and incorrect manner to attach the flange to the whotsit. (the remaining sentence is likewise why i don’t provider my very own automobile.) so, fergal’s article felt like a rallying cry for me and another author who has had to argue with stakeholders approximately why their buzzword bingo content does now not sound greater “expert.”
fergal points out that the average u.s. resident reads at a seventh- or 8th-grade stage. earlier than you complain about the schooling gadget, a user’s enjoy isn’t pretty much reading functionality. as he argues, “even distinctly educated human beings disengage in preference to spend the mental electricity to unpack dense, complex prose.” in case you’ve ever struggled to get beyond the opening paragraphs of an excessively formal, dry-as-biscuits white paper, you’ll understand what he manner
even as web analytics can show page views, stay times and utilization paths, they won’t reveal issues with the content material itself,” he writes. now that’s a hill i’m inclined to die on.
also in february, dan hatch explained a way to educate your journalist. disappointingly, his piece wasn’t a low-finances sequel to the famous lively film collection about dragons. as an alternative, dan described how to conquer the demanding situations many reporters face after they first begin to write on behalf of a logo.
“journalism is a vocation,” he writes. “it’s additionally a career that has a unique place in democracy – holding governments, groups, and people responsible.
“gosh, however which can provide you with an ego. for some reporters, that can be tough to permit cross. and what you, because the person employing them, come to be with are writers who assume they’re too desirable to be writing the content you’re commissioning.”
ouch. but before you think dan is arguing that journalists are prima donnas to be avoided, he affords advice on a way to harness a journalist’s nostril for a robust story and knack for compelling and enormously readable prose.
“they will alter, i promise. however they might locate this uncomfortable to begin with – in the end, a person who probably isn’t a author is telling them a way to write.”

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